Symphony Alarm

Symphony is our first venture into Windows Phone application development.

Project Type

Mobile Application


Windows Phone

Windows Phone Store


Symphony Alarm will transform your phone into a speaking alarm with a slick modern UI design, which will wake you with an alarm sound, your favourite music track or a music track picked at random. You can have multiple alarms with a different alarm sound for each. The alarm also works under the lock screen using the phones notification system.

The temperature and weather for the day in your local area, together with the number of appointments you have are visible on the main screen, with access to a 5 day forecast and your appointment times and details.

There are quite a number of alarm apps on the Windows Store. We wanted to create something that looked a bit different, but followed the modern ui paradigm. We were inspired by the Alarms App on Windows 8.

Symphony Alarm
Symphony Alarm
Symphony Alarm