An argument for custom software

Working with a software development company on a custom-made application brings a whole range of advantages. One of the most important things is that this is a direct relationship, which will bring a solid understanding of your business and a greater awareness of your needs to the whole process.

A custom-made application can be comparable in cost to off the shelf software but is tailored to your business in the way that best suits you. Also, the developers can be more responsive to changes and adjustments, which can be made as you need them, allowing you to adapt more easily.

An application developed according to your own specification should require much less configuration work and much less time teaching and training, as its more likely be intuitive to your staff.

A good custom software application can also bring efficiencies by automating manual tasks. In addition, a good developer can also point out further efficiencies that could be gained in ways that you might not have thought of.

Drawbacks of Packaged Software

You may find that standard packaged software includes numerous superfluous features that you don’t need for running your business. Conversely, specific features your organisation really needs might not be included.

It is highly likely that any requests you make to the software vendors will go unheeded due to the large number of users they cater for. This type of software is a compromise that is designed to keep as many people as possible reasonably happy, rather than meeting all the requirements of a specific company.