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Creating Loyalty

  • Project Type Website, Mobile
  • Platform Web Browser, iOS, Android

Creating Loyalty

Creating Loyalty was a Lottery funded project delivered by Creating Enterprise. The purpose of the project was to benefit the lives of working families by connecting them with businesses in their local area and beyond.

Our remit was to create both a website and a mobile application. The primary focus of the website was to advertise and explain how the project works, and include all the businesses involved. The mobile application needed to allow users to register, and once registered and accepted into the program, prompt for login, and give access to the benefits available to them.

Sadly this project stopped availability in September 2023.

Creating Loyalty


Important updatable content for both the website and the mobile application is maintained from an administration backend system, accessible via the website.

Both the main website and admin were custom built for this project.

Creating Loyalty

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application uses the same styling as the website to maintain consistency and familiarity. It provides news about whats going on in the project, as well as offers available to registered members.